Budokan Ju-Jitsu Club
Based at Hale Youth Centre
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Budokan Ju-Jitsu Club 2016

Budokan Ju-Jitsu Club
Based at Hale Youth Centre

We are open on the Tuesday Nights


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Budokan Ju-Jitsu Club specialises in teaching the Japanese martial art of Ju-Jitsu .


Ju-Jitsu is a Japanese martial art which uses a combination  of strikes, blocks, holds, chokes and throws to overcome an opponent.


New students are always welcome and the club has a commitment to teach Jul-Jitsu to all those willing to learn, regardless of age, gender, level of fitness or physical ability.


If you want to learn a new skill, develop your martial arts skills, learn an effective self defence method or just want to increase your awareness and self confidence,

Budokan Ju-Jitsu club can meet your needs.


Ju-Jitsu shows you how to use your body as a weapon to defend yourself against attackers, with minimal effort and maximum effect.


We  are offering a free taster hour long lesson to give you an idea of what we teach , don’t worry it will only be basic techniques but they are still very effective.


Teaching Children Ju-Jitsu


We will  teach your child basic self-defence. ju-jitsu is a complex art, with many facets, so we try to keep things a little simpler for younger children and to keep things interesting , lessons also incluce sparring, team games, and role play this keeps the lesson varied, fun and lively.

We also give out merit badges each month for various moves to help keep your child's interest and show progress.